Make Workspaces accept first click

If you use the Workspaces panel frequently rather than just relying on the hotkeys, you’re probably frustrated by the fact that Workspaces (like the vast majority of BeOS apps) takes one click to get focus and then another to actually do what you tried to do with the first click.
To change this behavior, download a copy of hey and install it in ~/config/bin. Then type into a Terminal window:

hey Workspaces set Flags of Window Workspaces to 32912

If you like the way this works, add it to your UserBootscript. If you do, be sure that you’ve started the Workspaces preferences before calling that line. Since it takes some time for the Workspaces app to start, you may have to put a sleep 2 before the hey line. This waits for 2 seconds, making sure Workspaces is running and ready to respond to a hey command. Depending on your system’s speed you can tweak that value, of course.
Another little app that provides the first-click behavior and additionally strips off the window’s border and title tab is WorkMeister. The above UserBootscript information applies here as well.
Want to know where we got the number 32912? See the tip Control window look, feel, or behavior with „hey“.



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