Tracker to Terminal and back

If you find yourself frequently needing to get to a specific directory location in the shell and you’re already looking at it in the Tracker, download a copy of Sander Stok’s Summon add-on. Install it in ~/config/add-ons/Tracker and rename it with the letter of the hotkey you want. If you name to be able to launch a Terminal in the current folder with Opt+Alt+S, for instance, name it Summon-S.

Remember: „Opt“ on a standard Windows keyboard is Right-Ctrl or Left-Win. Alt is the same on both sides of the keyboard.

Have you ever wanted to open a Tracker window from a Terminal? You can do it using built-in Tracker features, with the following aliases added to your .profile to save time :

alias t="/boot/beos/system/Tracker"
alias th="t ."

Now if you type th, it will open a Tracker window in the current directory of your Terminal application. If you type t, it will put all Tracker windows in the front. If you type t foo.cpp, it will open this file in the BeIDE, since the MIME database will be automatically queried to locate the default application association for this file’s filetype.
Here’s another approach to the same goal: Paste this function into your .profile and you’ll be able to launch files by their MIME types, or launch a folder by simply typing start Foldername or start .

function start {
	/system/Tracker $* &


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