Split the Be menu into sections

425.Separator You can split the Be menu into sections. For example, you might want to create one section for commonly used folders (i.e. home), one section for commonly used programs (i.e. NetPositive), and one section for all the other programs (which you can further subdivide into folders rather than just using one big Applications folder).
Open your /boot/home/config/be folder in the Tracker and make sure you’re in List View mode. Everything here will be sorted alphabetically. To force something to the top of the list, rename it with a leading space. To put something above that, use two leading spaces, and so on (BeOS alphabetizes a space prior to any letters).
Now, if you want spacers between each of your groups, you need to create a blank file with a blank icon, then name it something like "--------------------". To create a blank file, launch a Terminal and type:
cd ~/config/be
touch blank

To give the new file a blank icon, right-click it and choose Add-Ons | FileType. Double click the icon well (the empty grey box on the right side of the panel), and click „New Icon“. The steel blue pixels represent transparency, but you can’t save the icon until you make a change, so select the little pencil in the toolbar and click the „T“ button (which stands for „Transparent“). Click once in any pixel, then click the same square again to restore its transparency. Now you can pull down File | Save, close Icon-o-Matic, then do File | Save in the FileType panel.
The file „blank“ should now have a totally transparent icon. Now, rename „blank“ to a bunch of „-„s (I used 30 of them, which seemed to be about the right length).
Take a look in your Be menu and you’ll see your new separator. If you have more than two groups, just copy the separator and add a space to the beginning.
The Tracker looks something like this after creating a zero-byte file named „——————-“ with a blank icon.



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