Re-installation and duplicate volume names

If you install R4.5 over a previous version, try to use a different volume name for the new installation. For instance, if your previous volume name for the partion is „Be,“ don’t use „Be“ again. Try to use something like „BeOS“ or „BeR45.“ If you use the same volume name again (e.g „Be“ in the example above),
the 4.5 installation may still see the old name and try to mount the new volume at /Be1 (to avoid a naming conflict). After installation, strange things may happen. You may see two volumes named „Be“ on the desktop, and the current Be volume on the desktop may point to the old volume. Re-formatting or resizing the partitions may not help. Re-installing the boot manager may not help. Using a different volume name is the only technique I’ve found to remedy the situation. After installation, you can rename the volume to whatever you like.
[Editor’s note: I suspect that Steven is facing some other kind of obscure error here, as I’ve installed many versions of BeOS over identical volume names without seeing anything like what he describes here. After all, the vast majority of users retain their volume names through every upgrade, but we never see this problem reported. Nevertheless, if this happens to you, this is a sensible way to correct the problem.]



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