Show memory usage

Pulling down the Be menu and selecting About BeOS will show you a few basic factoids about the hardware and operating system version you’re running.
But if you hold down Command+Control or Alt+Control and pull down About BeOS you’ll get a graphical display of the amount of RAM currently being used by the system.
The important thing to remember here is that you shouldn’t be alarmed if you see most of your RAM being used by BeOS — this doesn’t mean it’s a memory hog, it means the system is taking full advantage of the RAM you’ve got. In other words, this is a good thing, not a bad thing. This, in fact, is why accessing this panel is not as obvious as it might be. People are so accustomed to thinking that low memory usage equates with greater efficiency that people consistently thought the panel was in error, or misunderstood what Be was doing here. Memory readouts in BeOS are inherently misleading because of the BeOS memory model. So to avoid confusion, Be hid the panel.



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