Working with Windows and Samba networks

As of R4.5, BeOS includes the first appearance of a CIFS (Common Internet File System) client and server package. CIFS is not fully supported in R4.5 and appears in the /optional/experimental/WON directory (where WON stands for „World O‘ Networking, the BeOS equivalent of Windows‘ Network Neighborhood). In a future release, WON should be built into the Network preferences panel.
Basic WON usage is pretty simple, and documenation is included in the accompanying readme file. However, some networks, especially NT networks, include tighter security and may prove troublesome. The best documentation on using WON services in BeOS is Oliver Thylmann’s coverage in the BeNews Extra that accompanied the release of R4.5.
Additional WON tips that are not covered there will appear here as they roll in.



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