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Tons of information flows through the Be-sponsored mailings lists: beusertalk, bedevtalk, and becodetalk. While Be doesn’t archive these lists in any publically accessible format, Adamation does. Head over to BeSpecific to search through massive archives of these lists.
In addition, [the following courtesy Be’s Michael Alderete]:
Be has worked with eScribe to make the BeUserTalk mailing list available via a web interface, and to host archives of the postings to the list. You can access this service at: are/beusertalk/
It gets better. eScribe has extracted messages from the digests of BeUserTalk, and saved those messages into the archives. So you can access all the messages posted to BeUserTalk (or BeUserGroup, as it was formerly known) for 1999 and 1998. Almost a year and a half of BeUserTalk, nearly 14,000 messages, in one place!
eScribe’s service has some really cool features. I think that the threaded version of the archives makes it extremely easy to follow topics of conversation (and to steer clear of those threads that are uninteresting):
You can also search on particular contributors to the list. For example, this string will find everything from Michael Alderete: r&a=Michael%20A.%20Alderete



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