Running dual Celerons

[Editor’s note: Be aware that neither Be Inc. nor the Intel Corporation support overclocked systems or Celerons run in a dual configuration. While most people have good success with dual Celerons, remember that If you run into problems, you’re on your own.]
You can run dual Celerons with BeOS without any modifications. Simply use the ABIT BP6 motherboard. This board accepts two 370 PPGA CPUs.
If you don’t want to buy another motherboard, you can physically modify your Celerons. If you dont want to do these modifications yourself, or don’t have the necessary tools, you can actually buy a slot 1 to socket 370 adapter card designed to let you use two Celerons in a dual configuration.
For instructions and links to hardware sites that carry dual-ready adapters, go to pc/celeron/index_e.html. (They even have a picture of Pulse with two over-clocked Celerons running at 412MHz 8-)).



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