Gobe Productive: Adding shapes to the toolbar

As Gobe’s Bruce Q. Hammond posted in BeOS Central’s Gobe Workspace, you can easily add new shapes to Gobe’s toolbar.
First, draw a polygon/bezier curve or freehand shape. Then, right-click on the shape and select „Add to Toolbar.“ Now when you click-and-hold, or right-click the custom shapes tool, (The Star Tool) you will have a tool to make your shape. You can make custom clouds, thought balloons, wierd stars, etc..
Note… just the shape is saved, not the style (color,etc).
The added shape is saved in the subdirectory „Shape“ in Gobe Productive’s installation folder. If you want to get rid of the shape, all you have to do is to delete the appropriate file in that folder. As the filename is a bit cryptic, you might want to rename it right after creation into a more recognizable one, to avoid confusion.



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