Customize columns in file panels

Anyone who’s struggled with the small, unresizeable file panels in Windows will appreciate the fact that file panels in BeOS are fully resizeable, and that the size you set them to will be remembered between one session and the next.
In addition, you can control the sort order of columns in file panels just as you do in the Tracker, by clicking column headers. Of course, you can also drag them left or right to establish which columns are displayed at the left, which on the right, etc.
Want to see additional columns? Right-click on one of the column headers to access a context menu with options similar to the usual Attributes menu. Want to get rid of a column? Just drag that column header out of the file panel altogether. Want to get it back? Right-click and hold on one of the remaining column headers; a context menu will appear in a moment, much like the usual Attributes menu.



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