NetPositive: Search bookmarks by keyword

No doubt you’ve noticed when organizing your bookmarks that one of the attributes available to you is „keyword.“ However, if you start adding keywords to your bookmarks, you’ll notice that they don’t appear in query results. This is because BeOS does not index the META:keyw attribute by default.
Keywords attached to bookmarks are, however, incredibly useful if you actually take the time to add them. To enable bookmark keyword searching, open a Terminal window and type:

mkindex META:keyw

Note that keywords you’ve already added will not become immediately searchable, though all new ones you create will be. If you want to make previously added keywords searchable as well, copy (don’t move) your entire bookmarks folder to a new location, and then back again. The act of copying them will cause all of the keyword attributes to be written to the index.
Now you’ll have much better luck uprooting obscure bookmarks you created long ago that don’t have a memorable word either in the URL or in the title.



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