Boot NT with Bootman

If you’re using NT and want to boot both BeOS and NT from BeOS‘ bootman, you can use the addbeos util on the BeOS CD, or remove the NT bootloader, and boot via bootman.
Step 1: Delete all text in the bootloader text file (boot.ini). Do NOT delete it. Even better, set the time-out value to 0 (zero). It’s always possible to bring up the NT bootmenu later by pressing the Shift key (probably needs some timing, but hey, it works).
Reboot to make sure NT boots. If you get no boot menu, it worked.
Step 2: Launch BeOS via the boot floppy. Open a Terminal window and type „bootman“. Configure it to boot the partitions you want, reboot, and you should see a happy technicolor boot manager 🙂
Make sure you have an updated rescue disk!



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