Show formula query strings in Tracker

Supergeeks who use formula queries frequently might like to be able to edit their formulas directly from the Tracker, rather than having to edit the queries first (see screenshot below).
To do this, you need to take the hidden attribute that stores the formula and make it visible. That hidden attribute is called _trk/qrystr. Open the FileTypes preferences panel and scroll to application/Be Query. In Extra Attributes, click Add. Give the new attribute the name „formula“ (without the quotes) and the Internal name _trk/qrystr. Make it of the type String, and select the Editable and Visible checkboxes. Give it a default display width of 200, click Done, close FileTypes, and close then re-open any Tracker windows displaying queries. You should now have a Query sub-type in the Tracker’s Attributes menu from which you can select „formula.“



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