Grok the Twitcher pt. I

At long last, R4 brings us the ability to toggle between running applications from the keyboard. The Twitcher is similar to Windows‘ Alt+Tab feature, but includes a few improvements over Alt+Tab. If you haven’t changed your default modifier key, tap Ctrl+Tab to wheel quickly through open apps that are not minimized and not open in another workspace.
If you press and hold Ctrl+Tab, the Twitcher’s interface will appear, giving you a keyboardable equivalent of the Deskbar. Through the Twitcher interface, you have access to all open applications, regardless of whether they’re minimized, and regardless what workspace they’re in. This interface differs from its Windows cousin in that you won’t end up with a separate entry for every open window. For example, whereas Windows will show 14 different entries in the TaskBar if you have 14 different Explorer windows open, Twitcher (like the Deskbar) will show only one entry for the Tracker, and only one entry for NetPositive.
To move backwards through the wheel of open apps, add the Shift key to the mix.
To navigate through open windows belonging to a given application, use the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard.
Bonus tip: While the Twitcher interface is open, you can click with your mouse on any of the applications‘ icons to select that app immediately!



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