Play audio CDs without a driver

If your CD-ROM audio cable is connected to your sound card, you don’t need a BeOS audio driver for your sound card to play audio CDs. Heck, you don’t even need to have the media_server or media_addon_server running 🙂
Open up a terminal window and use the „play“ program (as described in the tip Rip CDs from the command line).
So to start playing a CD you would type:

play (your device) 0 (track number to start at)

Just typing play with no arguments will tell you which devices are valid.
Alternatively, you can play CDs without an audio driver if you start them from within Windows:

  • Boot Windows 95
  • Start playing the audio CD and close the CD player. The playback sholid continue…
  • Launch BeOS from Windows using the „Launch BeOS“ utility. Normally, you should still hear the CD playing.
  • Launch the CD player — that’s it ! You can even change CDs. The CDs will stay „playable“ as long as you don’t reboot.


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