Gobe Productive: Applying the transparentize plug-in

Gobe Productive’s Image Processing mode has a wide variety of plug-ins that you can use to improve the look of your documents. Just insert an image into any Gobe Productive document and choose the effect you wish to apply. Transparentize is a cool plug-in that allows you to blend an image with a background of your choice.
Try this: Insert an image that has a white background that you would like to blend with the background. Click inside the image to enter Image Processing mode, click on the Foreground color indicator, and choose white as the color. With the image selected, choose ‚Transparentize‘ from the ‚Miscellaneous‘ Plug-in submenu. The white background of the image will become transparent.
Note: Applying this plug-in to 8-bit images will not work, so use 32-bit images for best results.



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