BeatWare GetIt: File transfer tips

Selecting Multiple Files for Transfer

You can select multiple contiguous files for transfer in Get-It by first selecting a single file, then holding down the Shift key while clicking on the last file you wish to transfer. To select multiple non-contiguous files for transfer, hold down the Command key while selecting each file you wish to transfer with the mouse. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, press the „<“ or „>“ button to start the transfer.

Stopping File Transfers

You can stop an active or idle file transfer from the Transfer Status window. To do so, select the file transfer you wish to stop from those listed and choose Session.Stop from the menu. You will subsequently receive a message from Get-It notifying you that the download has been terminated.

Resuming an Interrupted File Transfer

If for any reason a file transfer is interrupted prior to completion, Get-It automatically allows you to resume transferring the file from the point of interruption. Simply select the file and start the transfer as you normally would. Before the transfer begins, Get-It will ask you if you wish to Get the file (i.e start the transfer over from the beginning), or ReGet the file (resume the transfer from the point of interruption).



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