Correct connection speed in PPP

If your modem is always reporting the „connection“ speed as the port speed you have set in the modem options and you would like to know the true connection speed instead:
1. Find out the modem „Report DCE“ command. On some modems (Rockwell/Hayes variants) this is ATW2. For other modems, consult the manual.
2. If your modem is using the preconfigured setting, go into the SerialConnect application and connect to your modem. Issue ATZ and the modem should reply with OK. Send the command from step 1 and once you have got the „OK“ response, type AT&W to write these back to your modem’s configuration.
3. If you’re using a modem configuration from the built-in list (ie. Not preconfigured), then you will need to edit the initialization string and add the part after AT to the command after the first ATZ part. e.g.



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