Gobe Productive: Quickly access extra functions

You can quickly access extra functions in Gobe’s Productive by using the Control and Command keys (PC users: Right-Ctrl and Alt) — or by right-clicking — to pop up a menu of extra functions related to the currently selected object.
For example, launch Productive and open a graphics window, then draw a polygon. With the polygon still highlighted, press the Control and Command (Alt) keys and click inside the polygon with the mouse. A pop-up menu consisting of Lock, Arrange, Pen Size, Closed, Smooth, Unsmoothed, Auto-Smooth, and Add to Tool Bar appears. These functions are the same as those in Window headbar, only this way the important features are there in the object you’re creating.
Quickly accessing functions this way is available in the Graphics, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation modules. I’m sure that as the image processing capability grows, we’ll see it there too. Experiment with different modules and see the power of Productive for yourself.



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