NetPositive: Speed launching

NetPositive is capable of incredibly fast launch speeds — well under one second. Unfortunately, the default startup page takes a few more seconds to load (something is weird about it, not sure what). You can speed up Net+ launch speeds by making a plain, blank HTML document and storing it somewhere (I suggest /boot/home/config/settings/NetPositive/home.html). Load up this page, copy its URL to the clipboard, and paste it into the startup page field in NetPositive’s preferences dialog. Close and restart NetPositive and you’ll see exactly how fast it can be!
Actually, you don’t even have to create a blank page and save it to disk. Just erase the contents of the home page path edit field in the N+ preferences window, and nothing will load up when you start NetPositive. However, some people enjoy coding up a light default page with a few custom links, which you can’t utilize with this second method.



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