Disable IDE DMA permanently

Some users may have controllers that cause problems for BeOS during boot. You’ll know this applies to you if the splash screen appears and stops at the 5th icon (The Disk Icon). To fix this problem, you can select ‚Disable IDE DMA‘ from the safe mode options. If disabling DMA does the trick for you, here’s how to make the change permanent:
1.) Go into your ~/config/settings/kernel/drivers directory.
2.) Cut and paste this text into StyledEdit:

matchdevices {
    match {
                   # all devices
         use {

3.) You need to save this as two files. Name the first one ‚ata‘ and save it. Name the second ‚atapi‘ and save it again. This should take care of having to Disable IDE DMA everytime you start up.
If you do the above, plus disable the „PnP OS“ option in your BIOS, you will be able to start BeOS.
This worked for me on a system with an AMD K6 with a VIA chipset and a WesternDigital hard drive.


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It does the trick for me. But doesnt it affect performance?



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