Using PostScript fonts

Most people know that BeOS uses standard TrueType fonts, but few realize that BeOS can also use some PostScript fonts. This is documented in the User’s Guide and in the BeOS Bible, but in case you missed it, here’s a quote from the BeOS Bible:

As of R4, BeOS is also able to utilize PostScript fonts as well as TrueType, albeit with some limitations. BeOS is capable of recognizing only PostScript fonts created with standard Macintosh Roman encoding (these are the most common type available). If you need to use other PostScript fonts, you’ll need to represent them with the „Standard Macintosh Roman“ code with the same index values as the characters you want to use. In other words, BeOS will not properly translate from UTF-8 into whatever font encoding you happen to have enabled, so you’ll need to perform the translation manually. To add PostScript fonts to your system, drop them in /boot/home/config/fonts/psfonts and use the Fonts preferences panel to rescan the font cache.



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