SETI@home: Use a colorful front end

If you’re not already using your extra CPU cycles, scanning the heavens for signs of little green men, you should be. See this BeNews story for configuration details.
Once you’re up and running, you may become tired of looking at the cryptic lines of output from the setiathome client. Download PerlSETI from PerlSETI is a colorful front end to the setiathome client written in Perl. A few changes have to be made for it to run under BeOS though.

  1. Install Perl if you haven’t already done so. Perl 5.00503 is located in /optional/develop if you installed the optional items from R4.5 CD.
  2. Move the PerlSETI files to your setiathome directory.
  3. PerlSETI assumes your setiathome client is located in your setiahome directory. If it’s not, you can change the correct input path in the „perlseti“ file.
  4. Open the perlseti.conf file and change the $setilog variable to the path where you want your perlseti.log file to be stored. This must be the full path, including the filename.
  5. Change the line #!/bin/bash in the perlseti script to #!/bin/sh.
  6. In and, change the shebang line (first line in script files) to #!/boot/home/config/bin/perl or wherever perl is located on your system.
  7. Type perlseti and watch! (if setiathome is not already running, type perlseti start.


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