New PPP connection script

Be’s Howard Berkey offers this information on a bug in the PPP connection script that shipped in R4.5.1
A few of you have mentioned that the new Grand Unified Standard PPP connection script that shipped with 4.5.1 has caused your connections to fail (where Standard PPP used to succeed). Let me apologize for this inconvenience. The script was tested against many ISP’s, both internally at Be and by many helpful people on BeDevTalk, but of course, it is impossible to test against every ISP and so we are seeing the fallout from that unfortunate fact now.
Appended to the end of this message is a new PPP script to try. I would appreciate it very much if you could all try the Standard PPP setting, and if it does not work for you (and Standard PPP DID work for you in R4) then try the Alternate PPP setting. If you experience problems with these, please contact me in private email.
To try this new script out:
1. Make a backup of the file /etc/servers.ppp by renaming it to /etc/servers.ppp.backup
2. save everything below the „cut here“ line in the following script into /etc/servers.ppp
3. restart networking and try the new PPP dial scripts
Thank you again!
Howard Berkey

Standard_PPP	Teu
Alternate_PPP	S
Unix_login      Te|ogin:|du|assword:|dw
Unknown_Type_1	Te|name:|du|assword:|dw|>|dppp
Unknown_Type_2	Te|name:|du|assword:|dw|>|dpppsdefault
Manual	Te


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