Keep Terminal windows from closing automatically

This tip is based on the tip Title your Terminal.
When you launch a console application in a Terminal window, the window will generally be closed after execution, which means you can’t read the results (note that this is not true when you simply type the name of a command into a Terminal window, but when you launch a new Terminal and a command all at once). To get around the situation, try this:
1) Launch the terminal with the -t flag, passing it a title and a script file. For example:

Terminal -t "Compiling..." /bin/sh -c /boot/home/scriptfile

2) Include in the scriptfile the following commands (for example):

	# call the GNU C++ compiler
	# send a message to User after execution
	printf "return to continue
	#read the keystroke and close the Terminal application
	read -e response

The final read command will cause the window to stay open until you press a key. This lets you launch the GNU C++ compiler in a new Terminal window and read the compiler output without closing the Terminal window automatically.



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