Printing with cifsmount

In some configurations, WON and CIFS may cause conflicts with your existing DNS lookups. For example, if your BeOS machine is your home gateway WON will trying to use your provider’s DNS to lookup other CIFS hosts ( possible security flaw?). This will also cause shared printer paths to be invalid.
You can get around this problem by using cifsmount to mount shared volumes by IP address, including printers.

cifsmount -I -W WORKGROUP \\HOST\SHARE user pass /mnt

Make /mnt a real directory (I use /boot/prnt), and mount the shared printer to /boot/prnt. Next, create a printer of the same type as the one you’ve just mounted, but set it to print to file. When the print process gets to the point of saving the file, point it at the /boot/prnt directory. Once finished, you’ll have to delete the file from /boot/prnt and close the window. Now it will print. My shared printer is postscript, and I can save postscript files to it directly (through /boot/prnt). I’ve only tested this with an HP 6MP.



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