Turn off modem speaker

[Editor’s note: In R4.5, the same effect can be achieved without editing modems.ppp. Just click Custom in the Modems panel and use the instructions below. If you do choose to edit these files by hand, note that they’re flagged read-only, so you’ll need to run chmod a+w on them before editing, and then chmod a-w afterwards. ]
To turn off that annoying modem speaker, edit the entry for your modem in the modems.ppp file located in /boot/beos/etc folder. I opted to keep the original init string for my modem alone and created a modified version below it as follows (This string is for U.S. Robotics modems, though you should be able to append M0 to any init string to make it work with your own modem):
Original: Sportster_V90 AT&F1S32=34
Modified: Sportster_V90_Silent AT&F1S32=34M0
The M0 at the end turns off the speaker (M1=speaker on until connect; M2=speaker always on (default); M3=speaker on after dial, until connect). Save the file, then just go into the Dial-Up-Networking preferences panel and select the new modem string you just created (Sportster V90 Silent in my case).
Voila! No more screeching modem!



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