BeMail: Drop messages anywhere

Unlike e-mail clients like Eudora that lock your messages into a proprietary interface, BeMail messages are individual files which can potentially be read by any mail reader designed to read plain text and a few attributes. This is a huge improvement over proprietary clients for a number of reasons, but one thing that may not occur to users immediately is that there’s no longer any reason for your messages to stay trapped in their original folder.
If an e-mail message is related to a report you’re writing, for example, why not just drag that message (or make a copy of it in) the folder where you’re keeping your report resources? There’s nothing special about your BeOS inbox — it’s just a plain old folder like any other. Change your way of thinking about mail messages (which may be hard to do after years of using other clients), and life gets easier!
Since BeMail messages use a funky naming format to guarantee uniqueness, you may want to rename it to something more intuitive.



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