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Using query templates

Contributed by: Scot Hacker
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

A subtle but powerful feature has been added to BeOS queries in BeOS 5, in the form of “Query Templates.” While it’s always been possible to re-use or edit existing saved queries, you can now save a blank query with a few parameters filled in, absent the specifics. For example, if you find yourself searching your People file collection frequently, you can now store a query template on your Desktop pre-configured to find People files by State quickly without having to tweak the file type, attributes, and query volume each time. To create a query template, use the triangular widget at the top left of the Find panel. Note that this also lists the last few queries you’ve executed — no need to dig around in ~/queries for saved queries. Remember that you can always customize query results by manipulating folders in ~/config/settings/Tracker/DefaultQueryTemplates.


A query template is like a saved query, but without specific search criteria. This template lets you search the volume “gong” quickly for Californians. All that remains is to enter a name.

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