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TV: Customize your stations

Contributed by: J.Seemer
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

If you are missing some stations in Be’s TV app or you’d like to have those channels in the right order with a recognizable name, here’s what to do.

You have to create a text file tvfavorites in the folder /boot/home/config/settings/Media/bt848/. Here you fill in the stations’ name and the corresponding frequencies (in hertz), seperated by a tabulator. Like this:

1-ARD	175500000
2-ZDF	182500000
3-BR	55500000

The stations’ names cannot exceed 15 characters and mustn’t contain any white spaces.

Before the new table is used you’ll have to restart the Media Services in the Audio or Video Settings part of the Media Preferences Panel.

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