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Run ScanDisk before installing

Contributed by: Scott Brawner
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

[Editor’s note: Scott Brawner’s experience here is extremely rare — I’ve only ever heard of two instances of this happening. In additon, note that the problems encountered are a result of some combination of Microsoft / PowerQuest technology, not Be’s.]

If you use the included “lite” version of Partition Magic to create your BeOS partition, be sure to run ScanDisk before proceeding. I didn’t and the partitioning had to be aborted shortly into the process due to an excessive amount of lost clusters. I ended up with a 12MB partition. When using Partition Magic to delete this partiton and start over, it also wiped out two extended Windows partitions, putting the space back into the primary (C:) partition, thinking they were wasted space. One of the partitions was used for practially all of my data, which was lost.

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