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Remove system sound events

Contributed by: Nate LaCourse
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

The Sounds preferences panel (Be Menu | Preferences | Sounds) lets you control whether or not sounds are associated with common system events, like when your computer starts up, for instance.

A very underused feature of this scheme is the ability of developers to add custom sound events for their applications, and to have them be configurable by the user.

The question is, what happens if you download program x, it adds a huge array of custom sound events, and you decide to delete the program? You’re left with a bunch of sound events listed in the Sounds preferences panel that you have no use for. It makes for a rather ugly looking and confusing preferences panel.

This is where ‘installsound’ comes in. installsound is a Be-supplied command line application located in /boot/beos/bin that will add, list, test, clear, and remove sound events from the Sounds preferences panel. To remove sound events, open a Terminal and type:

installsound --remove eventname

So one may type:

installsound --remove "New E-mail"

for example. The offending sound events will be immediately nullified!

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