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Recursive Tracker templates

Contributed by: Marco Nelissen
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

As you probably know, newly created folders inherit their layout (screen size and position plus attribute columns, positions, and sort order) from the parent folder. But what if you want to apply a folder template to an already existing hierarchy of folders?

The following trick should do the job:

  1. Close all folders in the entire hierarchy you want to change. This is very important because the act of closing the folder writes current settings to that folder’s attributes. If you do it later rather than now, you’ll overwrite the settings you’ve just created.
  2. Open the root folder of the hierarchy you want to change and set its desired configuration using the Tracker
  3. Close the root folder
  4. Open a Terminal, cd to the root folder and type (on a single line)
    find . -type d
    -exec copyattr -n _trk/viewstate_le . {} ;
    -exec copyattr -n _trk/columns_le . {} ;

This will copy the Tracker attributes of the root folder to all of the other folders, which will make them look the same and share the same attribute columns and sort orders.

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