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QuickRes: Icon color blending (including alpha)

Contributed by: Dianne Hackborn
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

When drawing icons, you often want to blend two different colors to perform anti-aliasing between them. The icon editor in QuickRes includes a feature to help you do this. WIth the Eye Dropper tool selected and one of the colors in your color well, hold down the command key while clicking on another color in your icon. This will slightly tint your color well with the selected color. Repeatedly clicking will tint even more, making your color well more like the color in the icon.

Better yet, if you are working with a 32-bit image this blending fully supports the alpha channel, so you can easily perform anti- aliasing and other mixes with a transparent background.

You can also put the alpha channel to good use with the “Paste Uses Alpha” in the editor’s “Image” menu. When this is turned on, copying and pasting an image with alpha transparency will blend it with the underlying image where your original is transparent. This allows you to draw an image that is anti-aliased on a transparent background, and paste it over another image so that it is correctly anti-aliased with the colors in that image.

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