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Non-expanding folders in the Be menu

Contributed by: Riley McArdle
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

In some cases, you may have folders with tons of subdirectories or containing hundreds of files, and you want them to appear on the Be menu for easy access but you don’t want to wait while they’re automatically expanded as you your mouse rolls over them. This little trick will let you open the folder by selecting it in the Be menu without any risk of it being expanded into the Be menu.

Type the following into your favorite text editor:

/boot/beos/system/Tracker '[FULL PATH TO FOLDER]' 

Save the file with a name of your choosing into the ~/config/be folder. Launch a Terminal and type the following:

 cd ~/config/be chmod +x '[NAME OF FILE YOU MADE ABOVE]' 

That should do it, be sure to put the full path to the folder you want in the first part. Leave out the brackets [] in both parts. You may want to attach a custom icon to the file so it doesn’t appear as a plain text document.

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