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NetPositive: Editing bookmarks

Contributed by: Guido Soranzio
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

NetPositive bookmarks are edited directly in the Tracker, by pulling down Show Bookmarks or by opening /boot/home/config/settings/NetPositive/Bookmarks. What’s not immediately obvious to new users is that the titles that appear in the Bookmarks menu are not the filenames of the bookmark files themselves, but rather the Title attributes of of those files.

To edit these, pull down Attributes | Bookmark and select “Title” (why this isn’t displayed by default is anyone’s guess). If you like, you can now drag the Title column over to the left to make things more intuitive. Any changes made to these attributes will be reflected in the Bookmarks menu immediately.

Note that to change the name of the folders, you have to change their filenames, not their Title attributes.

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