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Mouse cursor invisible or does not move

Contributed by: James Cook
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

Some users, particularly those with Abit motherboards and Viper V330 video cards have reported a problem with the mouse cursor. Specifically, the mouse cursor either doesn’t appear or appears once but doesn’t move. Note that this is not a mouse problem — the mouse still works and you can click on things (but it’s hard to hit things! :-)

The problem turned out to be that the video card must be assigned an IRQ in order to get interrupts for mouse movement events. This setting is disabled in many BIOS. After turning it on the mouse works perfectly.

Other AGP video card users can determine if this is their problem by lauching a terminal, typing “poke” then “pci” and looking for a device on bus=01 (the AGP bus). If the interrupt_line is either 00 or ff, this could be the problem.

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