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Kill and restart the Tracker

Contributed by: Scot Hacker and Carlos Hasan
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

If you ever need to kill the Tracker (for example, you might have changed the Tracker settings file and want them to take effect without having to reboot), there are several possible methods. All of these work… pick your poison:

  • Bring up Team Monitor with Ctrl+Alt+Del, select Tracker in the list, and click the Kill button.
  • Use the Vulcan Death Grip: Right-Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Click on Tracker’s entry in the Deskbar.
  • The super-secret shortcut (Tracker must have focus for this to work):

    Cmd+Option+Shift+Ctrl+Q (so with a PC keyboard you have to press Alt+ Right-Ctrl + Shift + Left Ctrl + Q, but of course it’s much easier to use the left WinKey rather than Right Ctrl).

Note that the old Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z no longer works.

To restart the Tracker, open a Terminal and type:

/system/Tracker &

or bring up Team Monitor and click “Restart the Desktop”.

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