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Grok your settings directory

Contributed by: Scot Hacker
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

If there’s something in BeOS or one of your applications that should be customizable but you can’t find a widget anywhere to tweak its settings, there’s a chance that it’s controlled by a setting lurking in a subdirectory of the /boot/home/config/settings/ directory. Even if the app does provide a widget, you may prefer to work with the settings files directly.

Some examples:

  • NetPositive’s cache is stored in the NetPositive subdirectory (unfortunately, the N+ settings file here won’t let you change the default startup page, as it appears it might.
  • BeMail signatures are stored as plain text files in the BeMail subdirectory.
  • Printers can be removed from the list of printers you’ve added by removing their data files from the Printers subdirectory.
  • Terminal color/font schemes can be stored as alternates (the active one is always called Terminal; rename your backups with meaningful names and then swap the file names when needed).

You’ll find many more files and directories inside this hierarchy — experiment!

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