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Empty Trash from the keyboard

Contributed by: David Thiel
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

If you’ve used the tip Rename the trash, you may have noticed that right clicking on the link to the trash won’t give you the “Empty Trash” option, making your new Trash can a little less functional. Or maybe you haven’t renamed the Trash, and would just like to be able to empty it with a quick hotkey.

First, install SpicyKeys. Next, creae a little script by pasting this into any text editor:

rm -rf /boot/home/Desktop/Trash/*

Save this file as /boot/home/config/bin/emptytrash. Launch SpicyKeys and click “Add New SpicyKey”. Under the “Application” column, type “/bin/sh /boot/home/config/bin/emptytrash”. Now assign a key combination to execute your script. I use Ctrl+Alt+E.

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