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Easter eggs in the file system

Contributed by: Ian Seyler
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

[Editor’s note: Be very cautious when using DiskProbe, especially when viewing your entire filesystem. One slip of the mouse could render your system unbootable. Look, but don’t touch.]

If you launch DiskProbe and look at the 2nd sector of a Be partition you will be pleasantly amused. On a BFS-formatted diskette you’ll see an ASCII picture of Ms. Pacman with the text “Wakka waka wakka”.

On my hard drive I found a bunch of words all grouped together. Things like “children of the bong”, “metallica”, some band names, and a whole lot of other nonsense words!

Note : the second sector is 0x01 in hex.. since 0x00 is the first sector.

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