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Don’t link to Windows ATM fonts

Contributed by: Anon
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

The tip about sharing a single collection of fonts between Windows and BeOS is great, unless you’re using Adobe Type Manager 4 Deluxe in Windows. This software creates shortcuts in the C:windowsfonts directory which BeOS (R3.2) can not not deal with — the system hangs after boot. If you get burned by this, see the tip Disaster Recovery.

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  1. Hitech

    Both of the tips this tip is linked to are unavailable at this moment, but I guess the first one talks about creating symlinks from the Windows\Fonts folder to the /boot/home/config/fonts/ttfonts folder. (This seems quite weird to me, since FAT filesystem is mounted rather late in startup process, when most of the system is already running – including the fonts renderer).