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Creating a BFS volume on a partition >60GB

Contributed by: Hervé W.
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

The problem isn’t with the BFS itself; it’s with a program called mkbfs. Fortunately, this error was fixed by Be Inc. in an unreleased version of the BeOS nicknamed “Dano”.

– Boot using any working R5 / Dano BeOS installation, from HD or CD.

– Replace the R5 mkbfs (if any) with Dano’s, found in /boot/beos/bin/

– Start DriveSetup and create a partition of the desired size as BFS.

When booting from a CD-ROM, you’ll have to use the Terminal to turn the created partition into a BFS volume.
The partitions can be found in /dev/disk/ and for me the entire path is:

/dev/disk/ide/ata/0/master/0/ which contains the “files”:
0_0 0_1 0_2 raw

You can use DiskProbe to find out which partition is the right one by looking at the total number of blocks.
If you only have:
0_0 raw
you type: mkbfs /dev/disk/ide/ata/0/master/0/0_0

Note: I submit this tip based on the help and tips Bruno G. Albuquerque provided on Beshare.

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  1. Jim S

    This is not required for Haiku. The Haiku DriveSetup application can initialize large partitions.