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Compiling Unix utils

Contributed by: Anon
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

Ever download an archive full of code, follow the instructions to type “make” at the command line… and get absolutely nowhere? It may be because the OS referred to in the Makefile is referencing a target OS other than BeOS, or because its referencing the wrong compiler for your platform.

Look in the same directory for a file called “Makefile.” Open the Makefile in a text editor and look for lines near the top that look like this:

CC = gcc

These lines may not be right next to each other, but they should both be near the top somewhere. Edit them so they reference the right operating system and compiler instead:

CC = cc

On BeOS/x86, either cc or gcc should work on the compiler line. If you’re using BeOS/PowerPC, you may need to change this to

Save the file and run “make” again — you should be golden.

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