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Change the preferred application for a single file

Contributed by: Jonas Sundstrom
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

If you would like for one of your files, to always open in an application other than the Preferred Application for it’s file type, you can use the Tracker Add-on ‘FileType’, to set the Preferred Application of that single file.

This is how you do it: Right click the file – a context menu pops up. Select FileType from the Add-Ons submenu – a window named “(Filename) File Type” pops up. In the field Preferred Application there’s a drop down list labeled Application, in which you choose the application you want to this specific file to open with.

This will not affect other files of the same file type. If you want to change the Preferred Application of all the files of a certain type, you do so in the FileTypes-application found in the BeMenu, under preferences. (Se the Tip “Change the preferred application for a file type”)

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