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BeMail: Leave mail on server

Contributed by: Frédéric
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

As you probably know, the BeMail client included with BeOS does not include an option to leave mail on the server. If you need this feature, you’re probably best off purchasing one of the several fine commercial mail clients available for BeOS. However, it is possible to hack BeMail to leave mail on the server, though it’s not a complete solution. This tip involves using DiskProbe to alter the mail_daemon binary. As is always the case with DiskProbe, handle with extreme caution. Note also that this will not give BeMail the intelligence to keep track of mail that’s already been downloaded, so you’ll be retrieving all your mail each time you check your POP box. That said, here’s how to do it. Note that this has been tested ONLY on R4.0 x86.

After making a backup copy, drag /boot/beos/system/servers/mail_daemon onto the DiskProbe icon. At offset 0x16E69 you’ll see the DELE command, which is sent to the server to delete a message. Just put a 0x00 (put 00 in the hexadecimal frame, not two “numbers” zero over D and E) at this offset so you’ll erase the “D” of “DELE”, mail_daemon is written in C, and is the end of an ASCII string, so the string will not be sent to the server.

Watching the debug window, you’ll see for example that if you have a message on your ISP’s mail server that mail_daemon sends “1” instead of “DELE 1.” The POP3 server will answer with an “incorrect command” response, but will continue. A real hack, but it works :o)

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