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Aliases via the ‘hosts’ file

Contributed by: Johan Jansson
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

If you find yourself writing an internet address often, you can alias it to a simpler name. For example, I telnet quite often to a server at my old university: I have aliased this to “mumrik”, so instead of having to type “telnet”, I can now type “telnet mumrik”. This alias will work with any program using internet addresses, NetPositive too, though it may be easier to make a bookmark there. Here is how you do it:

Edit the file /boot/beos/etc/hosts, create it if it isn’t there already.
Add entries with this format: alias

For example, my mumrik alias looks like this: mumrik

I think you must have an endline after every entry, or it won’t be recognized.

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  1. Ziusudra

    Currently on Haiku the path for this file is /boot/common/settings/network/hosts