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Activate a BeOS partition after installing Windows

Contributed by: Isen Kusima
This tip is valid for: Both BeOS and Haiku

After installing/upgrading Windows, you’ll lose bootman. To get back into BeOS, you typically need a BeOS CD or boot floppy (once booted, just re-run “bootman”). If you don’t have a CD or boot floppy, this technique will get you back in business.

  • Start the computer in MS-DOS mode
    • Power on computer
    • Press F8 several times after the memory count.
    • Choose “Command Prompt Only
  • Run FDISK and set active partition to BeOS partition
    • C:/> FDISK
    • Choose Set active partition
    • Set your BeOS partition as the active partition
  • Restart the computer (and you will enter BeOS)
  • Run bootman
    • Launch a Terminal
    • $ bootman
  • That’s it!

You can use this trick on most OSes that can set other partitions as active. You can use this technique from DOS 2.x on. I also believe you can use this method with WinNT, OS/2, and linux with their versions of fdisk.

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